West Bromwich Albion FC - Cyrille Regis 

On 14th January 2018, West Bromwich Albion club legend Cyrille Regis passed away.

I was asked by the club to film his memorial services which took place at their home ground, The Hawthornes. Cyrille was an important part of British football, being the third black player to represent England internationally. His influence spread over world football, inspiring future generations of players, such as Dion Dublin and Ian Wright.

As a huge football and as West Brom fan I felt honored to be asked to produce this video for the club. I wanted to create something inspiring and more importantly, emotional. Cyrille was loved and respected by the world of football and I feel that this video not only encapsulates who Cyrille was, but how united the world of football can be when heroes pass on.

FreshPet - This Will Make You Want to Eat Pet Food

Freshpet is an American pet food brand, in this video they wanted to create a viral campaign in which they fed their pet food to humans in order to prove their ingredient quality.

BTS Videographer - GH5 & Gimbal 

Carl Wiggins - Learning on the Job

 Working with Producer / Director Lou Murrall, he asked me personally to be his second man on a passion project of his. We shot on the Red Scarlet-W with a variety of different cinema lenses.

Filming took place over a few days of a run up to one of Carl's professional boxing fights, it was a very documentary styled shoot but pushed it to be output with a more cinematic style. 

Glasgows - PFEW - Protecting the Protectors

The Police Federation of England and Wales commissioned Glasgows to create a sunning visual video about the gear that protects their officers from harm.

Videographer - Red Epic-W & Red Pro Primes.

Riyad Mahrez Phone Commerical - BTS

Riyad Mahrez, premiere league winner and PFA player of the season was a part of a campaign for a mobile phone manufacturer.

I was brought on board to film and edit the BTS for the project.

BTS Producer - Sony FS7


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