Mavic Air - Your New Drone?

I've not even managed to finish talking about how potentially crazy the new sister camera to the GH5 is - The GH5s - and DJI have managed to find a time to announce their new drone that fits in fairly snugly to their family of consumer drones.

Meet the DJI Mavic Air:

Retailing for £769 or £949* the Mavic Air introduces the camera of the DJI Mavic pro, with a similar form factor of the DJI Spark - a blend of some useful features taken from both systems.

The new Air can shoot:

4k video up to 30fps

HD video up to 120fps

12mp stills in DNG format

The bitrate for the number crowd has also been bumped up to 100mbps - very nice.

The lens on the front is a 24mm f/2.8 lens, and in terms of speed, it can reach up to 42.5mph and combat wind speeds up to 22mph. You'll be able to fly it for up to 21 minutes and it has a 2.5 mile range.

There's some new nifty features too, including a panorama mode, and what I think is an insane 'meteorite' mode (check out the video above at 00:00 to see what I mean!).

On paper, it looks to be a serious contender for your next drone purchase! (does anyone else make drones anymore? )

Here's DJI's breakdown of the technology they've included with the Mavic Air:

It's an interesting addition to the line up. The specs seem to match if not trump the Mavic Pro, and improve considerably against the Spark - I think if I was in the market for a drone, my first impressions would definitely have this come up in top choice.

Maybe this might be an indicator that another 'pro' Mavic is in the works? - who's kidding, of course it is - but maybe we could be expecting a newer Mavic 2 at some point in 2018? Who knows?

I'll be watching this space closely, because A. I want a drone, and B. I'm such a gear nerd it hurts.

* £949 is DJI's flight package which includes a few little extras, such as batteries & additional propellers

Thanks for reading, and happy shooting!