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CES 2018: New Mirrorless Video King? - Panasonic GH5s

January 8, 2018

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A New Direction for the Blog in 2018.

January 5, 2018


Welcome to 2018.


Good day everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday period and had an enjoyable new year.


But now, as it seems - fortunately  - we're all back in business!


As a new direction, I've decided to switch up how I talk on my blog, and how i'm *going* to talk on my - drumroll - VLOG!


The Vlog Is a new direction I want to take in 2018. I think it's an important thing for me to do, and I want to share everything I know with the good people of the world so that they can take a little inspiration when they also go out and shoot - so here's how I'm going to do it.




So - here it is - in short - The blog is now going to be focused on products and discussion. Here I can post hands ons, reviews, impressions and just general discussions to with gear and filmmakers. I might want to feature someone who I look upto, or some camera gear that I think could be really beneficial to filmmakers - I still have some very good working relationships with rental houses, so there's opportunity for me to go out and shoot with new gear and post my opinions and findings for you all to see.


There'll be no shortage on new RED equipment (Hydrogen in Q1 anyone?) - or new Lenses, gimbals, software, LUTS, Presets and techniques - so the content on here should be pretty regular - CES is coming up imminently and I can not *wait* to see what camera and phone manufacturers are going to start producing (more HD 1000fps shooting please Sony!)


So there it is, short and sweet - this will be for gear and software. 




Here i'll be putting the majority of my video content (i.e - YouTube / Vimeo) - general tutorials if I can come across any, ViDocs about collaborations - and video reviews (tied to the blog). 


Here I really want to stretch my filmmaking muscles and put out as much content as I can. Even if it's something little, hopefully you'll find you can learn something, or you'll be entertained. The process is to build for me, and to showcase what I'm capable of.


Now, I don't know what work is in for me around the corner - I have had some absolutely brilliant jobs in the past couple of months that I'm strictly not allowed to talk about until the actual projects are out - so for things like that I'll have to keep my mouth shut - but I aim to share as much as I can, strictly when I can....if I can. 





Last year I made a big jump moving to London, and whilst it's proving tough, it's proving fantastic. I can't wait to finish my current shoot and get back down there, ready for  a whole new year to smash 2017 with.


Thanks for reading, and as always, Happy Shooting!

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